About us

The Lightning Voluntary Firefighter Association was established in November of 2005 by nine voluntary firefighter founders.
At this time we started to carry out the assumed duties without any tool.Today our team has 19 members; they are firefighters, bakers, drivers, carpenters, pedagogues, mechanics, industrial mountaineers etc.
Amongst the targets of the association are fighting fire"KÖTÉL".They gave us our first tools: an 800 l/min suction-pump, generator, protective s, rescuing, giving first aid, preventing fires, helping at natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, giving information about fire prevention procedures for the town’s population, checking hydrants and fire fighting equipments. We want to start a student fire fighter team, to train pupils and students for fire prevention. We would like to form an office.
In 2006 we established a relationship with a similar association from Kaposvár, Hungary. They are a special rescue formation named "
clothing, helmets, special medical, and first aid tools.We maintain this relationship and now it is deeper, it is an amicable relationship. We organize theoretical and practical trainings to become more efficient.
Our team has sport activities, activities for young people, environmental protectionist activities. We try to do something against the environment pollution. In the spring of 2007 together with high school students we organized a trash collection which was called “For a cleaner environment”. We would like to organize this every year, to make it traditional.
In the beginning of 2007 we contacted the fire fighter professionals in Karcag. They helped a lot in the improvement of the team in education and in tools. We maintain a good and amicable relationship with them and we hope this will be a long term relationship.
With the help of our friends from Hungary our team members attended basic level trainings in fire fighting, giving first aid, rescuing.
At the end of 2007 with the help of the “KÖTÉL” association we obtained our first fire fighter vehicle, an OPEL BLITZ. Thank you.
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